Brief and background

CRED, started in 2018, is a tech-based platform which rewards users when they make use of it to pay their credit card bills. Users are rewarded with CRED coins equivalent to the value of their bills paid, which in turn can be redeemed against exclusive rewards in lifestyle, commerce, events, and experiences. The catch? Only users with a credit score of 750 and above are allowed access to the platform.

Considering all these parameters, Wirality was assigned the task to scale the number of users that match the profile of a typical CRED member, in a given timeframe.

Why was this a challenging project?
‘CAC' wasn't the primary success metric of the project. In fact, it was the credit score of the user acquired by Wirality against other agencies.

Due to our confidentiality clause, we will not discuss quantified goals or results. On request, and post approval with the brand, we will be able to share results.


Acquire users who have a predefined credit score

Acquire users at a predefined CAC

Acquire from a specific Custom Audience only

Increase CTR on campaigns run by Wirality

Product Used

Carousel Ads

Instagram Story Ads

Video Ads



more users acquired than the target specified


increase in CTR


creative adaptations utilized