Practo is a leading healthcare provider in India and were one of the first companies in this field to break through digitally in India. In addition to the regular appointments section, Practo had opened up their diagnostics division for 6 different segments, at various price points. However, they were facing issues in getting the overall customer acquisition costs down. At a CAC of Rs. 1500, they needed to get the number to a third of that to justify spends

At this point, Practo approached us with this problem statement, surely enough, we were more than happy to take this up.


Performance Marketing - Customer Acquisition

Brief and background

Focus on getting cost per acquisition to below Rs 500 over the course of a 3 month project.


Improving customer acquisition costs for the diagnostics division of Practo

Suggesting and implementing changes on the diagnostics web pages wherever necessary


  • Online and offline data was not synced, and that needed to be fixed
  • Old pixels were not firing optimally, hence a new pixel had to be created and implemented


  • Thorough screening of the Practo website to figure out issues and solve them
  • Creating custom and lookalike audiences based on different types of diagnostic tests
  • Combining offline diagnostics test data with online data
  • Figuring out content themes and understanding what worked for them in tests and campaigns conducted previously

Product Used

Carousel Ads facebook

Video Ads


First Month Performance:Cost per acquisition was at

₹ 880

Second Month Performance:Cost per acquisition drops to

₹ 560

Third Month Performance:Cost per acquisition drops to

₹ 435


  • Story oriented content performed significantly better than standalone ideas
  • Creatives which pointed at a specific problem had more impact
  • Audiences between 25-34 were acquired at 70% lower costs compared to other audiences