Women's Day Campaign 2020 - #ItsNotOK


Brand Amplification

Brief and background

With an initial study in 2018, Truecaller realized that teasing, stalking, and harassing has taken a new route through mobile phones in a woman's daily life. In the last two years, Truecaller voiced this concern through the #ItsNotOK campaign, which garnered a phenomenal response. In 2020, Truecaller wanted to generate widespread awareness against the issue of Phone Harassment in a women's life, on the back of the existing conversation around the #ItsNotOK campaign. However, we took the next step of initiating action by asking women to #MakeTheCall and take action by reporting harassment to the authorities.


2M web sessions

Generate 2000+ surveys

Increase in Youtube traffic


  • To lead women and the general public to the realization that a phone is an extension of them and their personal space, and it's not okay for strangers to encroach upon your space.
  • Encouraging and enabling an action against anyone who invades their space without their consent.

In order to add the element of taking action against phone harassment, we added a secondary hashtag, #MakeTheCall.

We designed the campaign communication to highlight the fact that women feel agitated, frustrated, and helpless when someone invades their personal space without their consent. Our posts centered around the thought that invasion of women's personal space, be it physical or virtual, is harassment and they're not alone in facing this. This was supported by a survey conducted by Truecaller on their microsite that showed that many women have gone through similar experiences and they are not alone in this fight against phone harassment.

Products used

Facebook and Instagram creatives

Youtube In-stream and Bumper Ads

Youtube Discovery Ads

Success Story

As a result of the campaign, overall web traffic increased by 78% in a span of 7 days and the bounce rate was reduced by 10%. The organic search volume of the campaign hashtag had a reach of 8,800.

Almost all objectives and KPIs were achieved and with the number of survey form entries and the traction we received on social media, there are plans to create and work on different vertical and content themes which were a part of the campaign for the rest of the year.


17 Million +

total impressions generated


increase in total watch time on Youtube


increase in the subscribers as a result of the campaign


shares across all platforms

3 hours

duration for which campaign hashtag trended for more than on Twitter

350 days

days worth of content viewed across all platforms